Insane Fit Girls

Come and Join Us!

Insane Fit Girls is a different kind of training. Woman run, women approved. No gimmicks, no sledge hammers, no registration. Just women of all ages and fitness levels being challenged to push beyond their personal boundaries and transform themselves inside and out with the encouragement, support and motivation of other women in an insanely fun atmosphere. Don’t be intimidated, be encouraged!

Trying to master your first push up or training for an event, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let the fun atmosphere fool you. You will work hard, get results and have fun doing it.

All of our boot camps are tailored to meet the needs of everyone individually. Classes are taught to accommodate EVERY fitness level.

Insane Fit Girls wants to encourage women to meet their full potential and challenge themselves beyond their own expectations in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Classes are taught by a nationally accredited, certified, insured local instructor who has a passion for fitness and friendship.


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Coming Soon! Insane Express
30 minute high intensity workouts, twice a week.

Sunday and Evening classes meet at Davidsen Middle school parking lot and morning classes meet at Baybridge Park

Sunday 9:00 AM Davidsen

Monday 7:00 PM Davidsen

Tuesday 9:15 AM Baybridge

Wednesday 7:00 PM Davidsen

Thursday 9:15 AM Baybridge

Thursday 7:00 PM Davidsen

Friday 9:15 AM Baybridge

Email IFG for outdoor location.

Insane Fit Girls