I started IFG January of 2015. I had recently moved from New Jersey to Florida. When I moved to the Sunshine State I had made a promise to myself to get serious about being healthy. In my pursuit of fitness, coaching, healthy living, and friendship I was very fortunate to have met Elaine Ragan. She is a certified trainer and owner of IFG.

Since my involvement with the group and coaching from Elaine, I was able to quickly make sense of my current state and work on setting personal goals that were not only healthy but reasonable. Her ability to motivate and connect with people bolstered my dedication and I’m happy to report that I’ve exceeded all of my goals while continue to strive to new horizons.

Elaine is a woman that possesses a high emotional intelligence. As a coach she asks what you want to accomplish. Elaine then challenges, supports and understands your needs, adjusting to where you are in that workout, while keeping your larger goals in mind. The workouts themselves are varied. There are days of high intensity, with focal points on different parts of the body. Plyometrics are frequently used. Elaine keeps it fresh. Trying different workouts and gauging the challenge level of each.

If you are looking for variety and a challenge, IFG is for you. My body has transformed since joining this group. More importantly, I can play tag AND catch my kids!

I would remiss here if I did not mention the group of women that belong to IFG. They are sisters of support. Whether it’s helping getting through a workout, or advisement about life, they are lovely. Elaine set this tone and built the community that is IFG.

Erin P.

Insane Fit Girls is such an awesome organization! I joined 1.5 years ago and still enjoy it. I actually look forward to working out; something I was never able to say before! We work hard, but have a lot of fun doing it. Elaine, our instructor, is always upbeat, funny and encouraging. The girls in the group are very friendly and supportive, with the attitude of, ‘we are all in this together’; so it’s never intimidating. I leave class a little tired but accomplished! I’m so glad I took that first step and went to the free class – I never looked back!

Pam S.

I was invited by a friend to come to a IFG class. The day I picked to come to class happened to be one of the toughest workouts that they had ever had!! My first reaction was Yikes!! This is not for me but I really liked the atmosphere and I immediately loved Elaine, the founder of IFG and our own personal trainer so I came back for a second class and have loved it ever since. Joining IFG was so much out of my comfort zone but also one of the best decisions I have ever made. Elaine is your biggest cheerleader and her encouragement, friendship and positive outlook is overwhelming. The women of IFG are amazing and you feel an immediate sense of warmth, caring and friendship. There were so many different exercises that I could not do at first and never thought I would be able to do but after several months I am actually doing them without even thinking about it and I am finally seeing a transformation in my body. I just completed my first 5k and 10k, which would not have been possible without Elaine, IFG and the amazing support of my IFG family.

Lizabeth S.

Before IFG I tried gyms and diets but always got bored. I have been with IFG for a year and a half and love it. The support and encouragement from the group is amazing. I have lost inches, run a 5k and gained an immeasurable amount of confidence to do things I never imagined I could.

Lynne K.

This is a wonderful group of women. Yes, it is an exercise and wellness program. But more importantly, it is the friendship and encouragement that these friends provide that makes this truly special. Elaine is a wonderful person and essentially a personal life coach:) She is continually modifying her approach to best meet the needs of the group and the needs of each woman. I had not exercised regularly for almost 10 years. I have now been part of this wonderful group of women for almost 6 months and feel stronger and healthier each month.

Colleen J.

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