See Yourself In a New Light.

As the new year starts, it goes without say that we all do a little soul-searching or perhaps a critique of ourselves.   Maybe we feel it’s time to reinvent ourselves.  But reinvention to me is a bit different then creating a “new” you.  We all look for opportunities to recreate ourselves or grow, but no matter what your situation, I don’t think there is a need to be a NEW you.  Perhaps an evolved you would be a better approach. “You” are not your weight on a scale or the size of your jeans.  You are a beautiful, caring and dedicated woman.  Just probably dedicating all of your time to everyone but yourself.  How about instead of looking for a “new” you, you spend time loving and cultivating the woman you are and see how and where changes happen then.  Resolve to take better care of yourself, make time for yourself, find something that fulfills YOU.  Don’t focus on numbers.  Be mindful of how you are treating yourself and your body.  Get in tune with yourself and your body and see your current YOU in a whole new light.  Feel free to share how you will try to evolve this year.  I’ll share mine next week.

Have an Insane Fun Weekend!


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