Insane Fit Girls was created to inspire, encourage, motivate and support women of all ages and fitness levels to meet their healthy living goal.  Here we will talk about the latest fitness trends, nutritional interests, and of course words of encouragement and friendship.

Can’t steal second

A few quotes have really resonated with me  long before my transformation and again through my transformation in not only becoming a Group Fitness Instructor, but also with starting my own business and persuing my Health Coach Certification.   One of those quotes is... read more

See Yourself In a New Light.

As the new year starts, it goes without say that we all do a little soul-searching or perhaps a critique of ourselves.   Maybe we feel it’s time to reinvent ourselves.  But reinvention to me is a bit different then creating a “new” you.  We all look... read more

No Gain Holiday Campaign!

Kicking off November 1st is IFG’s No Gain Holiday Campaign where we will work together as a group to keep ourselves fit and healthy during this season of wonderful celebrations and some chaos.  Classes will be lead in the same manner and be filled with the same... read more

First Class Fun!

Way to go Ladies!  I had such a good time working out with you all yesterday!  We had a nice group of ladies at different fitness levels and you all did great.  Those Planks have my abs feeling good today.   Get ready for some more fun on Thursday when we add more... read more

Little changes make a big difference.

About 4 years ago my youngest daughter who was 7 at the time, was told she couldn’t have fruit roll ups any more because of the damage they were doing to her teeth.  As silly as it may sound, that’s a tough request for a 7-year-old, but she since she hated... read more

Welcome to Insane Fit Girls!

Insane Fit Girls was created to inspire, motivate, and encourage women of all ages and fitness levels to reach their healthy living goals.  As women we really need to stop focusing on what we want to lose and start focusing on what we want to GAIN.  Being healthy is... read more

Today’s Classes

  • 8:30 am - Fusion Fitness